One : Retreat

What is it?

One : Retreat is a fully catered and guided weekend away at Pickwell Manor* with the one you love. It is an MOT for couples who want to stay together for the long term.

Right for you?

It is a light-hearted and fun look at how we can enhance our relationships. We will be exploring who you are as individuals and who you are together. We'll do this by examining how your personality is wired – encouraging and helping to celebrate that and bring the best out in one-another; looking at the values you hold on your own and those you share; and how you want to go forward as a couple together.

It is for couples of all kinds, no matter what stage you are at, or where you are in your relationship. It involves private couple-only space and a little bit of group time too. There are experts as part of the weekend to facilitate conversation and they are available throughout the weekend for you.

This is for couples who would not normally go on retreat, and find the world of 'couple therapy' not relevant to them.

*We have also now started to run day retreats in London. This day retreat combines all the elements that we normally spread across the whole of our Devon residential weekend; but presented to you over the course of a day. The downside is, you don’t get to swim in the sea in the middle of it, but the upside is, no need to take time off work and there is much less travelling time! You also won't be speaking to anyone else except your partner at the day retreat, so better for those more introverted amongst us.

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