green policy

As families and as a business we are committed to protecting our wonderful surroundings and its environment. We are aware that sustainable development is the most important issue facing our planet and the human race in general in the 21st century and to this end we will strive as a business to ensure we achieve the highest possible environmental quality in terms of services and products used, and all activities undertaken by Pickwell Manor. Sustainable tourism protects the environment we live in, respects local cultures, supports communities, conserves natural resources and minimises pollution.

General Guidelines

We are committed to reducing pollution and to the continued improvement of our environmental performance and our impact and carbon footprint on the local countryside.

We will heighten the environmental awareness of all our guests and employees through education and information to ensure we are all ready to face the challenges posed by future environmental issues.

 We will strive to enhance our image within the local community by:

  • Supporting local food producers and businesses.

  • Reducing our energy usage and carbon footprint on the local environment.

  • Actively promoting recycling: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, Compost.

  • Encouraging Walking and Cycling and the use of Public Transport.

  • Ensuring our impact on the local beaches and countryside, and the surrounding local areas of natural beauty are always positive.

  • Constantly looking at innovative methods of improving our environmental awareness and that of our employees and guests.

  • Always complying with requirements of legislation and approved codes of practice.

  • We have 3 EV (Electrical Vehicle) charging points for the complimentary use of our guests.

 Our visitor charter

Pickwell Manor is supporting Green Tourism through our Visitor Charter…

 ·     Stay Green, Be healthier, Be Happier

·     Use, Re-Use, Recycle, Reduce

·     Stick to footpaths and cycle tracks when out walking or cycling

·     Taps need to be off when not in use

·     Always clean up after yourself and your dog

·     If possible leave the car, take public transport

·     Nature, enjoy your surroundings, breathe in the fresh air

·     A big difference, small changes can make

·     Borehole provides all the water we need, bottle it, drink it

·     Locally source, locally shop

·     Energy – conserve whenever possible – Lights off, heating down

Green tourism Award

GT england gold copy.jpg

We’re also delighted to announce that as of 12/8/2019 Pickwell Manor has achieved a GOLD level Green Tourism Award.

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Green tourism criteria

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